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Friday, July 14, 2017



There are a lot of ideologies concerning shoes. What to wear, why to wear, where to wear, when to where and even how to where. There is no question about what to wear that doesn't have something to do with shoes. It is important though, that you get certain things right. You wouldn't want to be seen as weird or wearing inappropriate shoes.
Here are few shoes, their origin, uses and care. Just so you don't get it wrong and end up wearing a winter shoe during summer. Believe me, it can be that bad.


This shoes always top the charts for me. Believe me! This 19th century Irish and Scottish shoes are governed by a host of regulations that honestly shouldn't be mixed up. Brogues are know primarily for their perforation. That is like the main flavor in the shoe. They make brogues stand out. However,this elite type comes in yet different variants. We have full brogues, semi brogues and quarter brogues. By their names it isn't too difficult to tell what they are. Full brogues has the perforations all through and the half or semi brogues has it, like you guessed, half way. As for the quarter brogues, it possesses the least perforations. 
This is the part I would like to come in and feel special. Do you know that of the three, the quarter brogues is the most formal? Now you know. Wearing shoes with minimal perforation is considered official and the quarter brogues was designed just for that. As for the semi and full brogues, leave them for your denims and casuals. You look cool rocking these shoes in casuals.
Wondering how to care for these beauties? Just feed them wax, whether it is half, full or quarter brogues, they need the same amount of wax so feed them and feed them full. Everybody loves shiny shoes.

This one shoe should be nominated for best evolved. Sneakers have been around for a very long time. Maybe as long as modern day sport. Originally made as footwear for sportsmen, sneakers has evolved and become a notable fashion accessory. Make simply, it has become a must have.
Point of note, there is no room for wearing sneakers to a meeting, except everyone in the room is wearing one. Sneakers are for the road and should be treated as such. It is strictly unofficial. Although it comes in many jaw dropping styles and variant, it still can be dragged to its origin and founding purpose. It should be for the road.
To care for these is important. You wouldn't want to jog in dirty shoes so get ready to clean them up. Make a soapy solution, remove the lace and clean separately, dip brush in the solution and scrub till it is clean then dry in the open air. Safe and simple.


Nothing will rock your summer like a driver or driving shoe. This 1973 Italian footwear was made to ease out the tension during driving. That was why they were made, although it was expensive at first, it has evolved into being a fashion accessory and also being affordable. Over time, this shoe has become very flexible and as of now, it can be worn either for official outings or for a stroll in the park.
I should add that it can come in any color. Yes, just as you like it, any blend, any tone. You should note however, that drivers are worn without visible socks. However, should you need to keep your shoes dry and the odour pleasant, then you can have these no show socks that covers just your toes, sole and back heel.
Care for it pretty much like you'd care for your sneakers except that you might want to leave the hard scrub out of it.

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