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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


What you believe in doesn’t amount to very much unless it causes you to wake up from your dream and start working. You cannot just dream yourself into what you could be. The only time a lazy person ever succeeds is when he tries to do nothing.

According to an old saying, ‘Laziness travels so slowly, poverty soon overtakes it’. There are several secret ingredients for successful person; there is that one thing they do so right that makes them excel. But according to Robert Half, “Laziness is the secret ingredient that goes into failure but it’s only kept a secret from the person who fails”. Sincerely, you cannot substitute work for prayers. Be guided on how you claim on faith. True faith has hands and feet; it takes action. Pardon me to quote the bible – ‘Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone– James 2:17. The word ‘work’ appears 564 times in the bible. Faith combined with work result in a masterpiece.
Laziness bring nothing but waste of time and regrets. It is bad to just pray about something and not make moves towards bringing things into action. The phrase is ‘Work hard and pray’ not ‘pray and do nothing’ or ‘keep sleeping’. Most people just sit back, complaining about their life, the economy, their health, their bank account, their career,etc and never make any moves to make situation better. They end up in church praying fervently for miracle only. You are not balancing it.

As this is the beginning of the eleventh month this year, switch yourself over into the act of pursuing whatever will make you become who you want to be. That same plan you have created in your head, write them in paper, and break it down into stages, then do something. Make a move today!

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